DIY Tree Sap Cleaning

How to Remove Tree Sap Drips From Your Cars  Paintwork.


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In this DIY Tutorial we show you how you can fix tree sap drips and marks on your cars paint yourself at home..

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Would  you like to know a really easy way to Fix tree sap drips and stains on your beautiful car paint?


You have probably tried to get rid of tree sap yourself already and ended up making it worse. You are not alone but there really are some easy ways to get rid of ugly tree sap drips on your cars paintwork.  The one caveat to this is that you have to get onto it sooner rather than later.
The longer the sap sits on your paint and gets heated and cooled and heated and cooled by the hot sun and cold night air the more chance of the tree sap eating into the clear coat or paintwork on your car. so the sooner it gets dealt with the better.  Of course if your paint has some paint protection treatment on it then that will make this whole process a lot easier to deal with indeed. Prevention is much better than cure so to avoid long term damage from things such as sap, bird poo and bugs it is always a good idea to properly protect your paintwork before you have any problems.
So the first suggestion for when you find tree sap on your car is to simply get some kitchen power towel and soak it in water, stick the wet paper towel in the microwave for 2 minutes, then as quick as possible get it to your car and put it on the sap.

Don’t burn your hands please.   Just let it sit there on the sap for a few minutes and don’t touch it,
after about 2-3 minutes but before the paper towel has a chance to get cold wipe the sap clean.

Please, please, please, what ever you do , Please do NOT scratch tree sap off with your fingernails!

at Mobile Bumper Repairs Perth we spend way too much time fixing tree sap blobs, with fingernail scratches all around them.  so please dont pick at them!

If the hot towel method doesn’t work for you then you can try Hand Sanitizer or dish washing liquid next, that is also great at dissolving tree sap but wont harm your paintwork. If that doesn’t work then your next step up is some rubbing alcohol or sterile alcohol wipes.  these work great too.



If you have more tree sap on your car than you care to clean yourself or you have tried and it is a tougher tree sap problem than described here or if you have other types of stone chips, dents or scratches and any other marks or stains on your cars paintwork and you would like to know if it can be fixed then the best thing to do is simply  Contact Us for a Free Quote