DIY Stone Chip Repair

How To Fix Stone Chips on Your Cars Paintwork.

stone chip damage on front of car

Stone Chip damage on front of car

If you want to try your hand at some DIY stone chip repair and automotive paint touch ups on  your car by yourself at home then we have tips and tricks for you here.  There are paint repair pens and stone chip repair kits available from your local automotive store but be warned, stone chips can be tedious and time consuming for a beginner to tackle and if you get them wrong you can possibly make your paint repair problem even worse and more noticeable than it was before . This is especially true if your car has many small stone chips or minor scratches on the body work.

If you would prefer to skip the automotive store, learning curve and avoid frustration then you might just want to get a professional like Mobile Bumper Repairs Perth to come out to your home or workplace and fix minor stone and rock chip damage on your cars paint work for you in less than 2 hours.

We repair minor stone chip damage starting from only $99


 To get us out to your home or work first take 2 clear well lit photos of the damaged area
and send them to us from our Contact Page and we will reply back to you with  a Free Quote for your stone chip repair cost.

If you would like to have a go at fixing “stone chips yourself then we salute you,
Here are some helpful video guides about DIY repairing rock and stone chips yourself.


how to repair paint chips on cars



how to touch up car paint chips for do it yourself car paint repair


We can fix rock and paint chip problems and other minor paint touchup repairs at your home or work place.


Stone chip repairs on cars can be very tedious to work on and beginners tend to become impatient and rush things only to make them look worse by leaving a big noticeable blob of mismatched paint instead of a tiny rock chip.

Stop searching for stone chip repair near me and get some professional paint chip repair without leaving home. Mobile Bumper Repairs Perth carry touch up paint for cars on board our van and offer stone chip and mobile auto paint scratch repair services around Perth Western Australia.

Most minor stone chip repairs take less than 2 hours
for very minor stone chips repairs can start as low as $99

To prepare for a getting a repair quote please  take 2 Clear well lit photos of the area and send them to us from our contact form: Get Your Free Stone Chip Repair Quote Here


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